Newmark Medical – a division of Platt Brothers & Company

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Progressive stamping and deep drawing of medical parts. Newmark Medical is the medical and dental division of Platt Brothers. Newmark specializes in tight tolerance:

Progressive Stamping – for components used in applications such as IV catheters, pacemaker / defibrillator housings, heart pump casings, insulin pumps and endoscopic assemblies.

Deep Drawn Components – for components used in applications such as dental implant packaging, arthroscopic devices, needles.

Sample components manufactured by Newmark include:

  • Catheter Wedges
  • EKG Studs
  • Arthroscopic shaver tips
  • Temperature probes / sensor housings
  • Vial Caps

Some are pre-tooled, allowing you to save costs and time.

Stamping and deep drawing are very cost effective solutions for mid to high volume applications.